Nigeria plans selling of 5G range this year

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says it will sell the Fifth Generation Technology (5G) range by the Fourth Quarter (Q4) of 2021.


Chief Vice-Chairman of the NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, revealed this at the lady International Conference on Information and Engineering Systems on Thursday at Nile University, Abuja.


Danbatta, addressed by NCC Director of Technical Standard, Bako Wakil, noticed that for the interaction of the distribution, selling, appointing and commercialisation of 5G range to be consistent and fruitful, the Federal Government should give an empowering climate.


He said:

“The public authority will give an empowering climate to 5G arrangement, yet the MNOs will decide their own organization techniques, subject to arrangement with endorsed approaches and other administrative instruments in power.


“Getting range for 5G is a predecessor for any administrator to submit genuine venture to 5G foundation. This makes it basic for the range portion and task interaction to be closed as right on time as could really be expected.


“The accompanying course of events is proposed as ideal in the strategy archive 5G Spectrum Allocation (Q2 2021), 5G Spectrum Auction (Q4 2021), 5G Spectrum Assignment (Q1 2022), and Commercialisation of 5G Spectrum (Q4 2022).”


Danbatta, who talked on the point, “5G Deployment: Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Nigeria,” noticed that examination and tests had been completed on the perilous effect of electromagnetic discharges from 5G and that they were far underneath the base required norm.

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He, in any case, communicated hopefulness that 5G surely was an impetus for computerized change in Nigeria and all throughout the planet, as it would digitalise and significantly sway the economy of the country.


Clarifying, he said:

“The arrangement to convey 5G innovation makes a requirement for investigation of the electromagnetic radiation levels which will be created by the 5G framework.

“These tests were led as per the International Commission on Non-lonizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Guidelines for overall population openness to time-fluctuating electromagnetic fields.

“The aftereffects of the test show that radiation from 5G framework is far beneath the ICNIRP determination for security of individuals from the general population and, accordingly, recommend that no general wellbeing risks are normal from the utilization of 5G in Nigeria.

“Logical proof from considers completed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the United Nations Environment Program and the World Health Organization, all show that openness to radio frequencies is protected and doesn’t cause or start the event of tumors.


We are confident that the 5G insurgency will change our country and the economy carefully and turn into a formative upheaval just as advanced change instruments, connecting and bringing advantages to everybody all over.”

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Prior, the Vice-Chancellor, Nile University, Prof. Osman Aras, clarified that the gathering would give an empowering stage to understudies, analysts and experts in the business to share sees on momentum research work for headway of information, innovation and multidisciplinary research.


Aras said the meeting would not have any significance without arriving at end-clients or being put to functional use, in any case, there would be volumes of information on the racks and web without shoppers.


He said: “This will shape joint efforts for headway of information, innovation and multidisciplinary research.


“We are in a period which has formed our lives so that our major concerns are commitments to the prosperity of others, as of now and in the future time.


“The results of this gathering will, subsequently, have no importance except if they arrive at the end-clients or put to down to earth use. Else, we will have volumes and volumes of information, some on our racks and others on the web with no customer.

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“Numerous academicians have gotten mindful of this reality as the quantity of meetings and members increment significantly.”


Prof. Steve Adeshina of the Nile University, who was additionally the Chairman of the gathering, clarified that the meeting was a joint effort between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Adeshina said, “The meeting is undoubtedly a confirmation of the participation that exists between the two resources.


“The ICIES is to give an empowering stage to understudies, analysts and experts in the business across different fields of designing and applied sciences to share their momentum research works, trade thoughts and structure joint effort for headway of information, innovation and multidisciplinary research.”

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