How to Delete DigiLocker Account

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How to Delete DigiLocker Account

What is DigiLocker?: DigiLocker is an Indian digitization online service provided by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India under its Digital India initiative. DigiLocker provides an account in cloud to every Aadhaar holder to access authentic documents/certificates such as driving license, vehicle registration, academic mark sheet in digital format from the original issuers of these certificates. It also provides 1GB storage space to each account to upload scanned copies of legacy documents.

Users need to possess an Aadhaar number to use DigiLocker. For sign-up, the Aadhaar number and the one-time password sent to the Aadhaar-registered mobile number, need to be entered.

The beta version of the service was rolled out in February 2015, and launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1 July 2015. The storage space provided was 100 MB initially, and was later increased to 1 GB. The individual file size for upload cannot exceed 10 MB.

In July 2016, DigiLocker recorded 20.13 lakh users with a repository of 24.13 lakh documents. The number of users saw a large jump of 7.53 lakh in April when the government had urged all municipal bodies to use DigiLocker to make their administration paperless.

From 2017, the facility was extended to allow students of ICSE board to store their class X and XII certificates in DigiLocker and share them with agencies as required. In February 2017, Kotak Mahindra Bank started providing access to documents in DigiLocker from within its net-banking application, allowing users to e-sign them and forward as needed. In May 2017, over 108 hospitals, including the Tata Memorial Hospital were planning to launch the use of DigiLocker for storing cancer patients’ medical documents and test reports. According to a UIDAI architect, patients would be provided a number key, which they can share with another hospital to allow them to access their test reports.

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As of December 2019, DigiLocker provides access to over 372+ crore authentic documents from 149 issuers. Over 3.3 crore users are registered on DigiLocker. 43 requester organisations are accepting documents from DigiLocker.

There is also an associated facility for e-signing documents. The service is intended to minimise the use of physical documents, reduce administrative expenses, provide authenticity of the e-documents, provide secure access to government-issued documents and to make it easy for the residents to receive services.


How to delete DigiLocker Account

Once you register and activate your DigiLocker account, the account is there to stay. You cannot delete or deactivate your DigiLocker Account.


Note: If you register using a mobile number, your Aadhar details will not be linked. If you have registered with the Aadhar card, the Aadhar details will auto-update in the DigiLocker account. Once updated, you cannot delete it.


The government of India has not provided an option in the application to delete or deactivate the Digilocker account. There is also no option to delete the issued documents from your DigiLocker Account.

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How to delete DigiLocker Account via mail?

Deleting DigiLocker Account via email is not a tried and tested method. If you have a valid reason for deleting the account, you can reach DigiLocker support via mail and hope that they respond and take action on it. Follow the below steps for how to delete DigiLocker Account via mail.

  • Log in to your email account.
  • You will need to compose an email and make it out


  • to




  • In the body section of the email, write about why you want to delete your account and request for deletion. I have given a sample template below.

Hi DigiLocker Team,

I am a registered user of DigiLocker with the name ABC and the email id linked with this account is I no longer need this account at the moment due to personal reasons. I request you to delete my account from your database.

I hope you understand my concern and will do the needful as soon as possible. To ask for any further information regarding my query, you can contact me on my email id or phone number (mention your phone number and email-id here).




(Your name)


How to Delete DigiLocker Account

Sample email template to delete DigiLocker Account


How to delete uploaded documents?

As you all may already know, DigiLocker has a provision to upload documents of your choice in the application. You can upload any document, it is not restricted to the official documents only. You have an option to delete one or all of these uploaded documents whenever you want.

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Once you delete the uploaded documents, you have rid all your data from the application. Even if the DigiLocker account is still active, you have nothing to worry about. There can be no security or data breach once you delete the uploaded documents. An alternative to delete DigiLocker Account is to delete the uploaded documents. Once you delete all uploaded documents, your data will be cleared from the DigiLocker application.


Steps to delete uploaded documents on DigiLocker:

1.Login to DigiLocker account with your mobile number or Aadhar card. It will prompt for an OTP that you will receive on the registered mobile number


2. Click on “Uploaded Documents”, at the left corner of the page.


3. Click on the “Delete” or trash bin icon.

How to Delete DigiLocker Account

Click on delete icon, on Uploaded documents page

How to Delete DigiLocker Account

Once you click on delete icon, delete will be in progress as shown in image

4. Your document will be deleted from DigiLocker Account.

How to Delete DigiLocker Account

All documents deleted.

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