How to Change Storage To SD Card On Tecno – Fast & Easy Method

How to change storage to SD card on Tecno

How To Make SD Card Default Storage On Tecno? this Article will answer all your questions on How To Make SD Card Default Storage On Tecno, Read On. This article provides you with step by step guide on How to move files from internal storage to SD card on Tecno. In the event that your Tecno phone inner Storage is getting low, one approach to clear it and not lose your significant documents is to move records from interior stockpiling to SD card on Tecno phone. This permits you to move your photos, recordings, reports, and documents to the microSD card for long haul use.

In this article, Futuretechguide show you How To Make SD Card Default Storage On All Tecno Phones It’s what you can do shortly and doesn’t expect you to download an outsider application for it. Before we begin, guarantee you’ve embedded the appropriate measure of excellent microSD card upheld by your Tecno model, then, at that point follow the straightforward aides beneath.


How to change storage to SD card on Tecno

How to change storage to SD card on Tecno


  • Open File Manager from your app drawer
  • You’ll see various file collections and folder shortcuts on the File Manager’s homepage. Click on All Files below the collections and select Internal Storage


How To Make SD Card Default Storage On Tecno

  • Browse through your internal storage to find the files or folders you want to move to the microSD card. When you finally find the folders or files, long press on one to select it. Click on the checkboxes to select other files or tap the topmost checkbox to select all.
  • After selecting all the files or folders you want to move to the microSD card, tap Move in the toolbar below the screen. Do not hit the back button or you may have to make the selection again.

How To Make SD Card Default Storage On Tecno

  • Look straight to the top of the screen – where the storage path is – and click All Files as shown in the screenshot below
  • Now select your microSD card and navigate to the path/folder you want to move the files. Still, be careful not to hit the back button.
  • When you’re now in the destination folder, tap Paste below the screen to move the files there.



Insert a blank SD card into your Tecno Android device.

While this operation doesn’t explicitly require a blank SD card, it’s best to use a blank or empty SD card. If you use an SD card with any information on it, you’ll lose it anyway.

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1. Open your Tecno device settings.

The settings icon on Tecno phones is a gear-shaped icon that varies depending on the exact model of your Tecno phone. If you got a phone from the past three years or newer, it should be a blue gear icon.

 How To Make SD Card Default Storage On Tecno

2.  Select storage. This will list all the storage devices connected to your Tecno phone. Usually, it should only list ‘InternalStorage’ and ‘SD Card.’

3.Select the SD card to bring up a list of setup options. From the menu, tap ‘Format as Internal.’ This will bring up a warning that the process will erase all of your information.

4. tap ‘Erase and Format’ to initialize the operation.


This process could take some time, depending on your phone’s speed and resources. Reboot your phone once you see a confirmation message confirming the success of the process.


And you’re done. Your SD card will now be formatted as an internal storage disk, and apps will be installed on it by default.


However, you should never remove your SD card from your phone after formatting it as internal storage. If you do, some of your phone’s functions could stop working.


If you must remove the SD card from your phone, you should format it as an external SD card first.

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How to change the default write disk on Tecno phones

  1. Open the settings app as instructed in the preceding method. In older Tecno phones running Android 5.1 or older, the settings app should be a gear-shaped gray icon.
  2. Scroll down a bit and tap ‘Storage.’ Scroll down a bit and find ‘Default Write Disk.’ Under this tab, tap ‘External SD Card.


How to change storage to SD card on Tecno Spark 4

  • Go to device “Settings”, then select “Storage”.
  • Select your “SD Card”, then tap the “three-dot menu“ (top-right), now select “Settings” from in there.
  • Now select “Format as internal”, and then “Erase & Format”.
  • Your SD Card will now be formatted as internal storage.
  • Reboot your phone.




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