Answered: Discover The Best Secret Calculator App For iPhone

Calculator# is the best secret calculator app for iPhone. It looks like a Calculator but it secretly hides your confidential Photos, Videos, Documents, Passwords, Notes and To Dos. It disguises itself as a Calculator to make it impossible for prying eyes and hackers from discovering it. It is the most feature-rich app in the market in Security Category.

Every iPhone has a calculator app, but not every iPhone has the same one. There are many different calculators available for download in the App Store, and some of them even have awesome secrets up their sleeves!

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the Best Secret Calculator App For iPhone. You might not think that there’s a lot of calculator apps out there for your iPhone, and you’re right – but this one will blow your mind! – because who doesn’t love cool new things?

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The Best Secret Calculator App For iPhone



You can use it to hide your photos, videos, notes, passwords, documents, and to-do lists. It looks like a calculator but keeps all your private information hidden.
In order to prevent prying eyes and hackers from discovering it, it disguises itself as a calculator. Among the Security Category apps, it offers the most features.


You can hide photographs and videos in the gallery (Photos).
Deletes the photos from the gallery (optional).
Use the camera to take photos and videos.
You can password-protect any document or file on your phone. There are many programs out in the world that allow for this, and they come with different settings so it will be easy to find what you’re looking for!
Audios can be locked and voice notes can be taken securely.
Wireless transfer between a PC, Mac, and other devices.
To download files, there is an integrated web browser.
Wallet and Password Manager are also built-in.
There is also an integrated To-Do List and Secure Notes feature.
Use Dropbox and other cloud-based backup services.
Hack Monitoring, Disguise Mode & Panic Switch.
The calculator features a pin, password, pattern, and touch/face identification functionality.
Supports iPhone and iPad with the same GUI.
Photos & Videos:
You don’t have to keep family, secret, or private photos and videos in your iPhone gallery. As soon as you move them into the app, the app automatically removes the files from your Photos.
You can view, organize, and play all of your hidden pictures and videos in a protected and discreet interface using a built-in secret gallery.
The internal storage of the App can be accessed to lock private conversations and audio recordings.
The ‘Notes’ feature allows you to create lists of secret items you keep in your documents or to write down your feelings safely.
Make sure your sensitive documents are secure. It is even possible to transfer them directly from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad by using WiFi transfer or a built-in browser.
It happens every now and then that we want to keep some tasks hidden from anyone. That’s why we provide you with a secret list of things to do as well.
Ensure the security of your sensitive credentials, such as your website logins, bank accounts, computer logins, credit cards, email accounts, social networks, e-banking, instant messenger, etc.
Cloud Backup:
Your encrypted data can be conveniently backed up in Dropbox. You can restore your data in case of loss or theft of your device and prevent sensitive data from being lost.
Lost Password Recovery:
You won’t lose your password if you forget it. If you lose your password, you can recover it using your registered email address.
Security Locks:
There are several options available for setting up your calculator, Touch/Face ID, PIN, Pattern, and Password. It is even possible to completely turn off everything.
Panic Switch:
By enabling the panic switch, you can switch to another app quickly without worrying about shoulder surfers or snoopers seeing your data.
Disguise Mode:
This feature displays a fake crash notification to thwart further attempts to hack your data by confusing snoopers.
Hack Monitor:
It notifies you of those users who have been trying to access your vault using invalid passwords. Whenever such a try is made, it shows you the logs.
Calculator# is the best way to quickly hide files and media. It’s available on multiple devices, which means you can use it at any time! Get a fully functional version with no ads or limitations for free by downloading Calculator# today – just make sure that when purchase an ad-free version in future if needed; there will not be another option available because this app stores all data locally (in your phone).
Calculator# is the only way to protect your private photos and videos from prying eyes. It disguises itself as a calculator so that you can keep it on hand for everyday use while still having all of your sensitive data safe and sound in one place.
They’ve designed this app to be the most feature-rich security app around, giving you plenty of options to store everything securely without compromising usability or aesthetics. Don’t wait another day! Download Calculator# today and get started protecting yourself against hackers by downloading our free trial version now!
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